QT-5401: Business Research Methods

QT-5401: Business Research Methods

QT-5401: Business Research Methods

This course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to determine the information necessary to address an identified research problem (basic or applied) and, using this understanding, develop and use an actionable research proposal. In this process, the students will gain an understanding of relevant approaches and elements of undertaking a research enquiry specifically to provide insights to solving a relevant problem. They will develop critical core competencies and skills required to carry out such an enquiry. These competencies and skills include: defining research questions; setting appropriate research objectives; study design that incorporates research objectives and budgetary constraints; secondary and primary data collection and instruments; sampling and analysis methods; and effective reporting of results; as well as the importance of ethical conduct in conducting research in both a domestic and in international business contexts.


  1. Business Research-An Introduction

  2. Language of Research

  3. Research Process

  4. Sample Design

  5. Methods of Data Collection

  6. Measurement and Scaling Techniques

  7. Hypothesis Testing-Parametric Tests

  8. Hypothesis Testing-Non Parametric Tests

  9. Hypothesis Testing-Chi Square Test

  10. Hypothesis Testing-ANOVA

  11. Multi-variate Analysis Techniques

  12. Interpretation and Report Writing