Research Methodology

This course is designed to provide necessary skills and knowledge of relevant approaches and elements of undertaking a research enquiry specifically to provide insights to solving a relevant problem. They will develop critical core competencies and skills required to carry out such an enquiry. These competencies and skills include: defining research questions; setting appropriate research objectives; study design that incorporates research objectives and budgetary constraints; secondary and primary data collection and instruments; sampling and analysis methods; and effective reporting of results; as well as the importance of ethical conduct in conducting research in both a domestic and in international business contexts. The course is designed with an inter-desciplinary approach and is relevant to all subjects of social sciences, economics, commerce, management etc. 

This course is Online | Self-paced comprising of twelve units and  includes:

  • Study material (pdf format)
  • MCQs in each unit for evaluation of course
  • lifetime Access on Computer desktop/mobile/laptops 
  • Certificate of Completion 


  1. Introduction to Research

  2. Language of Research

  3. Research Process

  4. Sample Design

  5. Methods of Data Collection

  6. Measurement and Scaling Techniques

  7. Hypothesis Testing-Parametric Tests

  8. Hypothesis Testing-Non Parametric Tests

  9. Hypothesis Testing-Chi Square Test

  10. Hypothesis Testing-ANOVA

  11. Multi-variate Analysis Techniques

  12. Interpretation and Report Writing

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