An Investigation on the Use of Electronic Resources by Faculty and Research Scholars of National Law Universities of North India

Keywords: E-resources, legal information resources, online databases, e-journals, e-books, NLU


The purpose of this study is to examine how research scholars and faculty at National Law Universities of North India use and are aware of electronic resources for legal information. The parameters used to determine the level of awareness of e-resources include the easiest way to access legal e-resources, obstacles and difficulties encountered when doing so, the most popular online legal database, and recommendations for e-resource promotion. A well-structured questionnaire intended for faculty members and research scholars at a select National Law Universities of North India was used to gather the necessary data for the study. According to the study, the most popular online databases are Manupatra and SCC Online, while the most popular e-resources are law reform reports and case law databases. Upgrading of ICT facilities, the acquisition of new databases and e-resources, and the planning of end-user training programs are all ways to improve end-user awareness and utilization of e-resources. The study further highlighted the need for NLUs to maintain a set of guidelines and policies regarding encouraging users to use electronic resources in order to improve usage.



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